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Canadian Latino Experimental Theatre offers Spanish language yoga and drama programs for children and adults.

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Drama classes for children and teenagers is very fun, because DAYS guides boys and girls in their creative process by encouraging them through playful games to enhance the imagination and to develop their more artistic side. Children and adolescents are creators, being able to transmit, communicate and move with their imagination to different spaces. Creating situations, characters and actions, allowing an audience to understand the scenic approach without problem.

Theater is a team work where respect and tolerance are the basic philosophy of DAYS. We motivate children using, respect, love and recognition as a resource, never criticism.

DAYS (Drama and Yoga in Spanish )

This extraordinary Program is for kids 10 to 14 years old.

DAYS’s class gives kids the opportunity to experience these two fantastic & fun areas that will help them in their Emotional, Cognitive and Physical development.

With DRAMA, Children perform games in groups or individually, which are ideal to help them develop verbal and corporal expression, stimulate their memory capacity, mental agility and strengthen their self-esteem.

With YOGA, breathing exercises are part of every yoga routine. The awareness of breathing and body movements help the teens learn to concentrate. As they acquire practice, the kids internalize a harmony between breathing and movements. Also the yoga positions for boys require power of balance, resistance, flexibility & coordination.

With SPANISH as a second language children develop cognitive skills: the vocabulary in their native language improves significantly.

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Theatre Production and Workshop

We are committed to give to the community the opportunity to express their creativity through theater and performing arts, supporting the creation and production of artistic work that respects their cultural diversity.

Volunteer Opportunities:
If you would like to be part of our family you can volunteer with us.

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